Having someone who is interested in helping me tap into the power and strength already in me, helping me connect more deeply to who I am and what I want has made the biggest difference to me.

Working with Inbal has been powerful for me on many levels. Inbal is a compassionate, down-to-earth leader and listener, and her perspectives on what I'm thinking through and working on in life are accurate, kind, and asset-based . . . She has asked me questions that others might not ask, and that I might be afraid to ask myself, and engaging with these questions has helped me learn more about what I want my life to look like and how I can go about creating the world in which I wish to live. Self-examination and self-reflection can be challenging, sometimes heavy, and usually emotional; doing this work with someone who is smart, patient, and caring like Inbal has been incredibly valuable to me.

Having someone who is interested in helping me tap into the power and strength already in me, helping me connect more deeply to who I am and what I want has made the biggest difference to me. Engaging in this work with a non-judgmental collaborator in and of itself has been incredibly helpful! 

Inbal is genuine, sincere, kind, a great listener, and a great supporter. Her perspectives are both connected to the real world [and] also to a spiritual, inner world or strength or mindset. She gives 100% during our coaching sessions.

— Sarah W., Chicago, IL

I felt seen and held in conversation with Inbal, and from this space real transformation is possible.

I reached out to Inbal initially because I felt stuck and uncertain about next steps, and needing some help and support with knowing/trusting where to relax and let go. My first conversation with Inbal helped me reveal my needs... Inbal’s gift of language and clarity were so powerful in helping me articulate them. Her deep, consistent encouragement to think about myself first, and helping me find ways to cultivate trust in myself and the Universe have been transformative. Our work together really supported me to give myself permission to pause, and tend to myself, and to release self-judgment about what it means if I’m alone and not reaching out to others. She has truly supported me in feeling safe and held when I’m alone. Inbal is a deep, insightful listener who has the ability to tune into details, and also to step back to reflect back the larger picture.

— Kim C., Berkeley, CA

I have never felt as confident and excited as I do now to move forward in my professional life.

Haja Kakay.jpg

I knew what I wanted the next step in my career to be but I was unclear and unfocused on how to get to that next step. This roadblock stemmed from multiple factors such as insecurities, fears and lack of a mentor. I feel ready to make a major step in my career. I have never felt as confident and excited as I do now to move forward in my professional life. My personal life is improving daily as I’ve learned to communicate with my partner in ways I have never done before. Inbal knows how to speak to women in a manner that is without judgment or critique and instead empowering and supportive.  

— Haja K., Brooklyn, New York


Through her mindful attention, wise observations, and thoughtful guidance, Inbal helped me recognize my own inner power and stay grounded during difficult situations.

I came to Inbal during a time of professional transition. My supervisor at work was trying to fire me and had begun conversations with the human resources department. With Inbal’s help, I successfully navigated through the negotiations with HR by finding my center and staying on course despite the distractions that inevitably arise in situations of this type. I left the negotiations feeling that I had remained true to my values and had advocated for myself. What’s more, as a result of my performance in the negotiations, the process with HR was stalled and I was able to leave the organization on my own terms several months later in order to pursue an opportunity that had significant personal and professional meaning to me. I can say with confidence that Inbal’s coaching was critical to my success during this defining moment of my career.

— Ashley B., Washington, D.C.

Inbal felt like a person with the unique ability to offer a clear reflection of myself, my situation, that could cut through the fog of my confusion.

When I started working with Inbal, I came with a . . . great accumulation of desires and ambitions that didn’t have anywhere to go. They were not being put into clear action, and it was a very frustrating feeling. I had the distinct sense that buried under all of my fears and inhibitions was a clarity of purpose . . . If you trust yourself that the remedy you actually need in the moment is self-knowledge and self-love, I feel that Inbal can help you find that – and that it is a great way to get un-stuck.

— Nitzan M., Brooklyn, New York

Coaching with Inbal isn’t just about working through a single issue you have, it’s about learning how to manage your life long after the coaching is over, and in a way that is free from anyone else’s expectations.

Working with Inbal has been very supportive in a lot of ways. For one, the sessions are structured in such a way that I can ask myself important questions I hadn’t thought of before to really understand my thought patterns. Some of these questions have been posed by Inbal herself, and some of them have arisen from the way Inbal has taught me to think about things. Inbal is also immensely supportive between sessions. She’s got a fresh perspective on the inter-workings of my life, and is very approachable about any topic. Inbal approaches situations with no judgments and advice that supports my ability to make my own decisions. From the first conversation we had, it was clear to me she not only had my best interests in mind, but she was able to listen and repeat back issues I had in ways that resonated with me. She completely understood what was going on with me from only talking to me once.

— Emily B., Berkeley, California

The following month was my most profitable yet!

She brought insight from her background in law, humanitarian aid and women's rights advocacy, which really supported me to work through what was in the way of me developing and putting into place more structure in my freelance work. We began with my inner structures and values and extended these out to the practical aspects of my business. I was very skeptical of working with a coach because I am not into the cheesy coach culture that feels ethically bereft and is the equivalent of empty calories. But in actuality, having a very intelligent, kind person like Inbal give me external feedback, ask questions, and think through the issues at hand supported me to put structures in place the very same day."

— Elsa A., web designer and somatic practitioner, Berkeley, CA

Life coaching is an empowering process that teaches us to understand ourselves better and... feel more conscious with how we lead our lives.

I decided to give life coaching a go to explore the opportunities I knew I had and learn how to make the most of them . . . I think other women should know that life coaching exists and what it brings – it is an empowering process that teaches us to understand ourselves better and therefore feel more connected or conscious with how we lead our lives.

— Alice J., Istanbul, Turkey

I felt empowered and strong.

Tina Image.jpeg

When we first started working together, I was struggling greatly on committing to moving back to my hometown. I was quite confused with my feelings and emotions about what I wanted for work, home and life.The inward work really does change our actions and in turn brings to life our desires. Several different exercises really resonated with me. On the outward work, [Inbal’s] questions were helpful in leading me to appropriate actions with people in my life. I felt empowered and strong in conversations about sensitive topics. Boundaries have always been difficult for me and after our work I have a greater sense of where I stop and others begin.

— Tina H., Hermosa Beach, California