Inbal is a life coach dedicated to collaborating with women to gain greater clarity and alignment with their true value and capacity, choose consciously, and lead lives from their personal power.

Inbal is a decades-strong women’s rights advocate, activist and humanitarian aid worker who supported programs abroad focused on women’s protection and empowerment for a decade, and a former commercial litigator and attorney representing survivors of domestic violence.

Inbal has lived and worked with different communities on the Thailand-Myanmar border, Iraq, Chad, Kenya and Ethiopia. She has studied in Chile, Hong Kong SAR, Ireland and Morocco and traveled extensively.

Through her life coaching practice, Inbal contributes toward a world where women are and feel safe, respected and supported to live confidently and freely and expand toward their highest vision of themselves.

Inbal loves the ocean, yoga, dancing, exploring, learning -- and supporting women everywhere to experience every aspect of their lives from a true, deep sense of their inherent value.