Do you desire to:

  • Identify and honor your needs, wants and priorities and KNOW that doing so will have positive effects across your world?
  • Be respected, supported and loved while setting clear, healthy boundaries?
  • Recognize your worth beyond what you may DO or the various roles you play in your life?
  • Cultivate clarity and conscious forward movement while navigating any sort of life transition?
  • Learn how to access your INner wisdom and trust yourself, knowing that it's real?

INpowerment is based on my experience, knowledge and practice that we do not need an outside force to “give” power to us because it already exists INside of us. This power is part of our true nature and INtrinsic to us as women.

How would you feel and what would your life look like if you connected to, accessed, harnessed, trusted and honored YOUR power withIN to live openly and authentically, pursue YOUR right path, and make conscious choices in your life? 

It is possible to BE and LIVE from your INherent power, NOW.

Contact me below to explore how.


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Workshops in the Bay Area, California and online everywhere, including telesummits, women's circles, and commitment circles.


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If you are a woman who is creative, intelligent, sensitive and passionate, who is looking to feel more fulfilled in your life and make more of an impact in the world, you are in the right place.

About Inbal

I am a life coach dedicated to collaborating with women to gain greater clarity and alignment with their true value and capacity, choose consciously, and lead lives from their personal power.


I have never felt as confident and excited as I do now to move forward in my professional life.

haja inbal sansani

I knew what I wanted the next step in my career to be but I was unclear and unfocused on how to get to that next step. This roadblock stemmed from multiple factors such as insecurities, fears and lack of a mentor. I feel ready to make a major step in my career. I have never felt as confident and excited as I do now to move forward in my professional life. My personal life is improving daily as I’ve learned to communicate with my partner in ways I have never done before. Inbal knows how to speak to women in a manner that is without judgment or critique and instead empowering and supportive.  

— Haja K., Brooklyn, New York