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I help women/femmes 35+ go from feeling dissatisfied and disconnected to fully embracing their desires and actively creating the life they want - through deep exploration and holistic coaching.

Image of Inbal Sansani. Photo credit: Julia Maryanska.

Inbal Sansani - Executive Coach, Former Litigator, Humanitarian Aid Worker, Immigrant, Auntie.

I'm Ready to do Deep Work To connect with myself & What I Really want.

“I have never felt as confident and excited as I do now to move forward in my professional life.” — Haja K., New York

You want how you feel inside... match how you appear on the outside.

You are self aware enough to know that you appear confident and accomplished to others... but on the inside it is a different story.

There's a lot of pressure to 'do life' or be a certain way.

You may not even be 100% sure where all that pressure is coming from - yet you can't seem to escape it.

And how you've been navigating no longer feels congruent with who you've become (let alone who you are becoming).

Woman standing at a railing in an office, with her mobile phone and looking confident. Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions.

You find yourself saying 'yes'...

...when you'd prefer to say 'no,' 'not now,' or 'not anymore.'

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You're accommodating – in a good way – because you care about your relationships and connections.

You want to be easy to get along with (most of the time anyhow!).

But - you have noticed you sometimes hesitate to state your needs and preferences - and worry about disappointing people or inadvertently creating conflict.

Here's the Thing

Women are told we can be anyone or anything we want.

However, society has been slow to remove cultural expectations from its proverbial to-do list for us.

We are the good daughter, caring mother, super auntie, committed partner, top-notch housecleaner, family nurse, best friend, neighbor, reliable coworker... and on and on it goes.

And Most Likely

You have some degree of genuine desire to do or fulfill one these roles.

But your current reality may not look or feel want or expected

Some women say it's lonely. For some it's unsatisfying. For others, it's a weight they're carrying.

And you may feel guilty or conflicted about how you believe you're supposed to feel, versus how it actually feels, to be where you are.

The permission to be whomever we want did not come with a 'get out of guilt-jail free' card for actually doing so.

What I want you to know is this

The internal conflict you might feel, and any guilt or doubt you might have, about making changes to shift your future in a new direction is normal and okay.

It's not bad, and doesn't mean you don't have options.

You CAN make shifts because we exist at choice. (Even if it doesn't always seem that way.)

The path you are on, no matter how far down it you are, isn't the only possibility.

When you feel unsatisfied by your work (& life) but change also feels daunting

BIPOC woman standing at a counter looking at her mobile phone. Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions.

Carving a new path for your future can happen with less 'drama' than you might think or imagine.

Sometimes finding a new position is the right move, but shifting your professional focus or how you relate to your work (or another aspect of life) without changing jobs can have a huge impact too.

The thing to know is That

Change doesn't have to be dramatic to be powerful.

Small shifts can ripple out, affecting the rest of your life and those around you - in very positive ways.

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You're Not Behind & It's Not Too Late

The idea that you're behind and it's too late is a lie we're told... (and sometimes one we tell ourselves).

Woman with medium brown hair in a red jacket and black shirt, sitting on a couch looking up and to the left. Photo by Artem Beliakin on Unsplash.

We all make choices in our 20s (and 30s + 40s) in hopes of creating joy and meaning in our lives, and to set ourselves up for success in the future.

Curiously, there's an implicit expectation that those choices will last forever.

That might have been true for our parents, but the world has changed tremendously (and continues to)! There's more space to shift than you might see from where you're sitting.

But living intentionally & according to our values isn't easy.

That's why I created this guide - which you can download for free below - to get you started.

I know you’re smart, resourceful, and exceptionally capable...

Professionally dressed black woman sitting at a computer working with whiteboard in the background. Photo by Christina WOCinTechChat on Unsplash. it's understandable this season of your life feels challenging.

You’re used to figuring things out on your own.

Not just ‘used to,' but expected to.

Like most women, you are trained to be self-reliant.

But endless self-reliance is actually part of the problem.

I believe we're interconnected.

And so it follows that doing everything on our own actually creates discord and disconnection.

Woman with eyes closed looking up to the left. Photo by <a href="">Thien Dang</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Endless self reliance often means we're not as practiced at asking for and receiving help.

When we don't know where we end and others begin, it's much harder to navigate the complexities of mature relationships.

We might tell ourselves 'it is easier to do it all myself' - but we usually know that will lead to overwhelm, if not resentment.

Possibility exists when we...

Honor our truth.
Even when we fear letting others down.

Take care of ourselves.
Even if it means updating our agreements with others.

Decide what kind of help we need, ask for it, and receive it.
Even when it's uncomfortable.

Hi, I'm Inbal.

Image of Inbal Sansani. Photo credit: Julia Maryanska.

I'm a queer, feminist Ashkenazi (white) Israeli-American Jewish immigrant woman.

I know a few things about leaving behind imposed expectations and stepping into my personal power - without sacrificing my values or relationships.

A former lawyer and humanitarian aid worker, I serve as an executive coach for professional women who want to stop checking boxes, people-pleasing and define 'success' on their own terms.

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