Despite this deep, even if inconsistent knowing, you still struggle with:

  • being super hard on yourself and setting ultra-high (i.e. impossible) standards;
  • over working and taking over responsibility in every aspect of your life;
  • reacting to and negotiating others' needs and wants at the expense of your own; and
  • getting caught in mind spins of "shoulds", self-criticism, perfectionism and negativity (to name a few).

You are SO not alone.

I get it. I KNOW what it's like to:

  • search constantly for external affirmation;
  • base my worth and value on what I produce and offer others;
  • avoid pain, stillness, confusion and fear in ways that further distance me from my INtrinsic power;
  • vacillate between the extremes of being "too much" and "not enough"; and
  • confront a myriad of societal and cultural expectations while searching for my own truth.

In my work as an intimate partner violence attorney, humanitarian aid worker focused on programming to respond to and prevent violence against women and girls, and life coach, I have seen how powerful, resourceful and resilient women are. I have been exposed to the wisdom and fierceness of women who know who they are and take pride in where they come from. I have witnessed women's capacity to heal and transform and lead. 'Those poor women' (on Staten Island or East Africa, Northern Iraq, Southeast Asia)'? Those women are strong. They know themselves.

INpowerment is so vital because:

  • women need to know that who we are is — already and intrinsically — enough and independent of what we "do";
  • our personal healing and expansion is a key way to creating the relationships, families, communities and world we wish to live in; and
  • we have the power INside of us to influence and direct our lives from a place of leadership and love.

When you are INpowered, YOU:

  • are clear on your needs, values and priorities; 
  • embrace possibilities; 
  • experience intimate connections with yourself and others; 
  • release perfectionism, judgment and negativity; 
  • celebrate conscious choice; 
  • stop comparing yourself to others; and
  • cultivate clarity and confidence. 

The more deeply, honestly, intentionally and compassionately you connect to your personal power, the more you expand your capacity to create your meaningful life and support and heal others.

INpowerment is the pathway to create the life, work, relationships and lifestyle that you desire.

If you are open and willing to look withIN yourself, I’m here to meet you exactly where you are and support you on your journey to INpowerment. 
I invite you to sign up for a complimentary INpowerment Activation Call where I will hold a safe and powerful space for you to get clear on what's not working so well in your current reality and what you'd really love to create in every aspect of life.

Client Transformations

Having someone who is interested in helping me tap into the power and strength already in me, helping me connect more deeply to who I am and what I want has made the biggest difference to me.

Working with Inbal has been powerful for me on many levels. Inbal is a compassionate, down-to-earth leader and listener, and her perspectives on what I'm thinking through and working on in life are accurate, kind, and asset-based . . . She has asked me questions that others might not ask, and that I might be afraid to ask myself, and engaging with these questions has helped me learn more about what I want my life to look like and how I can go about creating the world in which I wish to live. Self-examination and self-reflection can be challenging, sometimes heavy, and usually emotional; doing this work with someone who is smart, patient, and caring like Inbal has been incredibly valuable to me.

Having someone who is interested in helping me tap into the power and strength already in me, helping me connect more deeply to who I am and what I want has made the biggest difference to me. Engaging in this work with a non-judgmental collaborator in and of itself has been incredibly helpful! 

Inbal is genuine, sincere, kind, a great listener, and a great supporter. Her perspectives are both connected to the real world [and] also to a spiritual, inner world or strength or mindset. She gives 100% during our coaching sessions.

— Sarah W., Chicago, IL

Coaching with Inbal isn’t just about working through a single issue you have, it’s about learning how to manage your life long after the coaching is over, and in a way that is free from anyone else’s expectations.

Working with Inbal has been very supportive in a lot of ways. For one, the sessions are structured in such a way that I can ask myself important questions I hadn’t thought of before to really understand my thought patterns. Some of these questions have been posed by Inbal herself, and some of them have arisen from the way Inbal has taught me to think about things. Inbal is also immensely supportive between sessions. She’s got a fresh perspective on the inter-workings of my life, and is very approachable about any topic. Inbal approaches situations with no judgments and advice that supports my ability to make my own decisions. From the first conversation we had, it was clear to me she not only had my best interests in mind, but she was able to listen and repeat back issues I had in ways that resonated with me. She completely understood what was going on with me from only talking to me once.

— Emily B., Berkeley, California