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Jess Grippo

Jess is an award-winning dancer, writer, TEDx speaker, creativity coach, and the creator of You Can Dance Again. Her work is about guiding people back into dance: for self-invention, for reinvention of our world, and for reconnection to the power in our bodies. Whether she’s facilitating a dance class or guiding you through a coaching session, she’s really just helping you get out of your own way so that creativity can flow freely through you. Join her Creative Fridays community for a weekly nudge (via e-mail) for your creative soul:

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Jessica Shepard

Jessica helps high-achieving creative people who feel shut down because of their health feel vibrant, connected and passionate again. She helps people heal the health problems (pain, inflammation, digestive issues, weight, hormonal and energy issues, thyroid, migraines, etc.) that are affecting their lives in big and small ways. She uses nutrition, bodywork, proper supplementation, and deep inner work to clear what is damaging their body on a core level. She also helps guide clients with ways to incorporate new practices into their life in easy, fun ways, so you can shift your whole life. Jessica has helped many, many hundreds of people over 20 years all over the world “detox” from the physical and emotional dynamics that keep them from creating the lives and relationships they want. Check out her gift to Summit participants at:

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Britt Bolnick

Britt is a successful business owner living a life she loves in Portland, Maine. She has traveled a path from financial scarcity to financial independence, building a 6-figure business she loves as a single mam working less than full-time.

Last year she got married, and this year she's started a non-profit pit bull rescue and sanctuary while also running her business, having three days off a week, and being an avid book-reader and beach-walker.

Britt mentors women who are 100% committed to building thriving businesses that create wealth without compromising your personal life OR sanity. Download Sacred Structure!

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Bryce Goebel

Bryce is a best-selling author, speaker, empowered living coach and energy healer.  She uses proven, simple techniques to help others break free from fears, limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns.  Bryce is passionate about helping women reclaim their self-empowerment, self-love and self-acceptance.  Her own story of overcoming abuse, destructive eating, and self-loathing inspires clients and audiences to live authentically, without guilt, shame or apology.  As a professionally trained and licensed energy healer, she understands the connection our personal energy has on our emotions and physical body.  She works with clients to bring balance to the Body, Mind and Spirit through balancing the personal energy field.

Her programs, workshops and retreats lead participants on a journey to Reflect on their current life, Release what no longer serves or has been placed on them by others, Reframe the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs, and Reclaim their inner power and wisdom.  Connect with Bryce at

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Terra Christoff

Terra spent the last 15 years helping women clarify their vision, live their true purpose, step into greater visibility, and craft soul-satisfying work and businesses.  She has a doctorate in psychology and completed her coach training at the highly acclaimed Coaches Training Institute. Terra believes the world would change if every woman was living her soul purpose. She is passionate about self-care, honoring feminine intuition, and helping women find their calling. Terra is a blogger for the Huffington Post and a hiker and traveler at heart. She’s thrilled about her upcoming sacred feminine pilgrimage to Glastonbury, England and deepening her 10-year exploration of the sacred feminine. Visit to learn more about her work. To learn more about Terra's work and receive her free assessment and training to help you create soul-satisfying work, visit


Laura Thompson Brady

Laura has is the founder of The Nourished Home, a master coach, spiritual guide, and sound healer who helps women awaken to their leadership and creative callings so that they can bring more harmony and healing to our families, communities, and larger world we call home. Laura is offering a gift to Telesummit participants: Awakened Woman: A sound healing & guided meditation for women who are ready to come home to who they truly are:


Nina Powell

Nina worked in the corporate world as an ergonomist before she became a certified somatic sex coach. She works with women and couples, on Skype and in person, and is based in Wanaka, New Zealand. She teaches new skills and ways of being so that you can awaken your sexual self and with it live a life with more confidence, ease, flow and creativity, and more pleasure! Her work is body focused because real change happens through repeated practice and having new experiences, not through just talking about it. Getting stuck up in the busy mind, not being able to orgasm very easily or in different ways, orgasms that are nothing to shout about, loss of libido and pain during sex are issues she resolves a lot in her work. Her passion is to empower women and give them the insight and confidence to live a life that they truly desire; and this is what happens through bringing them back to their body and awakening their sexual potential.

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Karin Green

Karin brings her vast experiential knowledge of Shadow Work to create a safe, nurturing space for deep healing and transformation. She’s motivated to empower people to overcome fears, make lasting changes, and create positive impact in their lives. She is a Certified Shadow Work Coach, Group Facilitator and Trainer, and has been facilitating transformation through Shadow Work since 2010. Karin is also a transformational life coach, incorporating NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) and Shadow Work into her sessions and enjoys being a conduit for her clients in transforming their Inner Critic to an Inner Ally and assisting them on their way to a joyful and fulfilling life. Karin has 3 grown children and currently lives in the itty-bitty state of Rhode Island and loves spending time by the ocean with her husband. Find out more about Karin at; opt-in page:

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Marin Bach-Antonson

Marin is a Womb Keeper, Master Coach, Matrix Re-Imprinting Healer and mentor for awakening women. She is also the creator of the Priestess Rising Initiation Program. She has over 20 years’ experience facilitating ritual, rites of passage and deep soul-initiation work for women on the rise. She believes that as women claim their roles as the wild ones, the way-showers, the priestesses, the medicine women and the midwives of the next golden age, we shall change the world – one feminine awakened heart at a time – with the simple alchemy of transmuting fear to love. To find out more about Marin's sacred feminine leadership program (now enrolling for Fall 2017) visit and receive your FREE GIFT - 3 Keys to Unlock your Priestess Power.

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Jamie Allen

Jamie, Sitting Hawk Woman, of Cherokee descent, has been traveling the Red Road for 10 years, dedicating her life to being of service to the People. An artist, teacher and student, Jamie leads ceremonies throughout the US and South Africa, including as Inipi (sweat lodges), Fire Ceremonies, Baby Blessings, Weddings and more.

Jamie has often been asked if she calls herself a ‘Shaman’ or ‘Medicine Person’; her response: “I am an intuitive healer. I use these gifts to serve the People. I am guided by intuition and Great Spirit about which sacred medicine tools to use during healing sessions and ceremonies. I do not claim to be a Shaman, nor do I refer to myself as a Medicine Person; I am simply a woman that has been blessed with the ability to connect with Great Spirit and allow that wisdom and compassion to flow through me to bring about healing in myself and others.”

jamie allen

Inbal Sansani

Inbal is a life coach dedicated to collaborating with women to gain greater clarity and alignment with their true value and capacity, choose consciously, and lead lives from their personal power. Inbal is a decades-strong women’s rights advocate, activist and humanitarian aid worker who supported programs abroad focused on women’s protection and empowerment for a decade, and a former commercial litigator and attorney representing survivors of domestic violence. Inbal has lived and worked with different communities on the Thailand-Myanmar border, Iraq, Chad, Kenya and Ethiopia. She has studied in Chile, Hong Kong SAR, Ireland and Morocco and traveled extensively. Through her life coaching practice, Inbal contributes toward a world where women are and feel safe, respected and supported to live confidently and freely and expand toward their highest vision of themselves. Inbal loves the ocean, yoga, dancing, exploring, learning -- and supporting women everywhere to experience every aspect of their lives from a true, deep sense of their inherent value.

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