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Women Making an Impact Telesummit

A free online event to inspire women to make strong and sustained impact in the world.

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  • Do you desire to make more of an impact in your community and the world?
  • Do you feel like you may not be doing ‘enough’ to impact others positively?
  • Do you feel like your passion to make an impact is not fully expressed in your life?
  • Are you ready to explore new ways of being in your life and the world to make even greater impact?

Now is the time for YOU to own your brilliances and stand fully in the impact you know you are meant to createLet me support you to do it.

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Join me and dear friends and colleagues for a FREE interview series where you will:

  • Shift your stories around ‘impact’ so that you can make even greater impact in your own life and others’;
  • Learn how ‘making an impact’ starts with conscious choosing;
  • Discover the link between your capacity to make an impact and your relationship to yourself; and
  • Be inspired by a deeper understanding of ways for impact to occur -- and the possibilities that await you.

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Join us! Share in the experiences and wisdom of this diverse gathering of women to connect to your personal power so that you can make the impact you truly desire. 

Get ready to shift your thinking and be inspired by the community of women you are already an essential part of!  Simply enter your name and e-mail below to join us for this FREE event!

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Welcome, women! I am so excited you're here to register for the FREE Women Making An Impact Telesummit. Making a positive impact on others' lives is super important to me, my clients and my community. I believe strongly that women have a profound capacity to create positive impact toward more loving, just, compassionate and equitable communities. I also know the various challenges that can get in our way of making positive impact. For these reasons, I curated this event to inspire and support you to connect more deeply to how YOU can make greater positive impact in your life and others'. I am honored to share the diverse experiences and wisdom of this amazing gathering of women. Check us out below and the week of June 13-17. Join us now -- and get ready for impact.

Featuring nine inspiring women who are making an impact in the world in myriad ways

(click on the pictures to access their full bios):

Allow us to inspire and support you to better create the impact you know you are meant to make in your own life, and the world.

Later Event: December 4
The Power of Self Compassion