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Spring IS coming!

I invite you to celebrate its advent in community on March 20, the Spring Equinox. Join me for a powerful60-minute virtual women's circle to connect and commit to renewal and rebirth.

inbal sansani coach women's circle california

For millennia, this time of perfect balance between day and night has been celebrated across tens of cultures and traditions. As we enter this new season during the potent Equinox portal, we have a powerful opportunity to energize the intentions we planted in the heart of winter.

Snow is thawing. Winds are softening. Plants are sprouting.

Spring is ALL about New Beginnings, and it represents the triumph of light. Equinoxes reflect balance, occurring when the Earth’s two hemispheres receive the sun’s rays equally. On Monday, March 20, the sun will be equally between its lowest path in winter and highest path in summer. Night and day are approximately equal in length.

What needs balancing and/or rebirthing in YOUR life?

As we close the first quarter of 2017 and move toward this new season, we have the perfect opportunity to reflect on our intentions and commitments for this year AND determine our focus for future. There is beauty in the potential of what can be when we allow ourselves to have hope for the future.

Join me to explore and focus YOUR power to sow the seeds of what you most desire! The Virtual Women's Circle is only $10 for 60 minutes of experiential learning, connection, and community. Join us!

Join me in community, in circle, to receive:

  • A safe, connected space among like-hearted women to learn about the power of the Spring Equinox;
  • A grounding meditation to unearth your desired seeds to sow this season;
  • An opportunity to connect to the energy of Spring and its power; and
  • A ritual to perform individually and/or with others.

*      *      *

inbal sansani life business coach empowerment california

Welcome! I am so excited you're here. As a life coach, facilitator, and humanitarian aid worker focused on women's protection and empowerment, I KNOW the power of women's community, circling and safe spaces -- and I would love to share this Virtual Women's Circle experience with you.

Since our last circle, I've been deeply focused on practicing and promoting SELF-love and -compassion, through an online, 7-day Love Commitment, self-compassion workshops and, always, supporting clients during these challenging, transformative times. 

We have so much power to support ourselves and one another to create new realities. If you feel called to show up for your life powerfully, with intention, join me next Monday!