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Introduction to Self-Compassion

The Power of Being Kind to Yourself 

A free, 60-minute teleclass to practice and experience the power of self-compassion -- and its transformative potential this season!

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  • Do you notice that you criticize and judge yourself regularly? Do you find it challenging to be kind to yourself?
  • Do you tend to be hard on yourself, perhaps with the idea that doing so will motivate you to do or BE better somehow?
  • Do you feel disconnected from yourself and others, like you're going at whatever 'it' is alone?
  • Do you think self-compassion is a form of self-pity -- or a cover for self-indulgence?
  • Are you ready to experience a more powerful -- and empowered -- way of being in your life to achieve greater calm, contentment AND connection, both with yourself and others?
  • Compassion is your birthright. Your humanity, ability to think and feel, and desire to be happy warrant compassion.

Compassion is your birthright. Your humanity, ability to think and feel, and desire to be happy warrant compassion.

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Join me for a FREE teleclass where you will:

  • Understand the concept and science of self-compassion and its myriad benefits;
  • Experience how and why being kind to yourself has been proven to increase positive mind-states and lead to greater personal and professional empowerment;
  • Gain two (2) tangible tools to practice self-compassion;
  • Emerge more empowered with an experience of this revolutionary practice, and equipped with strategies to support an enhanced experience of living.

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Join me! Share in this powerful, transformative practice -- and open up to a more empowered way of living.

Get ready to create awareness and knowledge from which action can flow. Simply enter your name and e-mail to join me for this FREE event!

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Welcome! I am so excited you're here to register for the FREE Introduction to Self-Compassion Teleclass. Self-compassion has been a transformative practice for me; it has played a huge role in enhancing my relationship with myself, supported me to make more aligned and proactive decisions; and allowed me to cultivate more calm, clarity, confidence, contentment.

I  know well the critical voice that is 'supposed' to help me motivate and succeed, and I also know its cost  -- AND a better way! I know the fear of being 'soft' or 'weak' -- and that it is a story, NOT truth. I know that my capacity to be compassionate towards other is directly influenced by my ability to be self-compassionate.

For these reasons, I am offering this FREE teleclass at such an important time in the year -- and our history -- to support you to connect more deeply to your humanity and power of compassion

Allow me to support you to connect to yourself differently so that you can show up more powerfully with both yourself and others.

Earlier Event: December 4
The Power of Self Compassion