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The LOVE Commitment: Cultivate Love Inside & Out

A free, 7-day commitment to seeing, creating and BEing love! Practice and manifest LOVE in a community committed to creating and sharing LOVE inside and out. LOVE is transformative; the world needs it & us! 


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By participating in The Love Commitment, you will:

  • Receive inspiration and support to enhance love and connection in your life;

  • Feel empowered to share love with yourself and others;

  • Shift your perception of the sources of love and connection available to you;

  • Practice acts of love that will help shift positively your daily experience of living;

  • BE love

LOVE is transformative. LOVE is our birthright. LOVE starts with us. Our LOVE is needed now.

Join me for my FREE online challenge, The Love Commitment: Cultivate Love Inside & Out, starting Thursday, February 9.

For 7 days, including Valentine’s Day, I will share with you daily prompts to support you to connect to yourself and your great capacity for love – and to leverage that love to share with others.

*      *      *

Join me to focus and expand love at every level: for you, individually; for your family and community; and for the world.

Love is as important right now as ever because it is a source of power and connection, internally and externally, and an energy that is needed to heal ourselves and support others’ healing on every scale. 

*      *      *

Welcome! I'm so happy you're here to register for The Love Commitment: Cultivate Love Inside & Out, a FREE, 7-day challenge to connect to ALL of the love available to YOU!

I believe deeply that with all that is going on in the U.S. and world, it is imperative that we do what we can to consciously shift our daily experience so that we can cultivate resilience and solidarity. For me, a key way of doing this is through actively cultivating love inside and out.

The Love Commitment is about generating and sharing ALL types of LOVE for yourself and others -- and I'm excited to share the love with YOU!

Join The Love Commitment community to connect to, practice, and leverage YOUR love and ALL the love available to you in the world. It's already there; let's cultivate it together.