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The LOVE Commitment: Expanding Love from Self to Others

Welcome to the 2nd annual Love Commitment -- a FREE, fun, 7-day online challenge focused on cultivating love from the INside out.

If you want more love around you and in our world, YOU are responsible for creating it. And you need to start withIN.

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Each morning from February 14-20, you'll receive inspiring e-mails with actions to practice and expand love, from yourself to others.

On Tuesday, February 20, at 5 p.m. PST, The Love Connection will culminate with a LIVE circle of love to practice together and continue exploring how to create a loving connection to yourself -- AND to sustainably share and leverage that love with others.

NOTE: When you register, it looks like you're registering only for the Circle of Love on 2/20 (which will be awesome and recorded), BUT you're actually registering for the full, FREE event! 

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Through the Love Commitment, you will be supported to: 

  • Explore and strengthen your own capacity for love;
  • Connect more clearly the dynamism between inner and outer experiences and expressions of love;
  • Shift positively your perspective on the transformative power of love; and
  • Lead your life from and with love.

Love starts with(IN) you.

Join the 2nd annual -- and FREE -- online challenge, The Love Commitment: Expanding Love from Self to Others, starting Wednesday, February 14 (i.e. Valentine's Day).


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Join me to focus and expand love at every level: for you, individually; for your family and community; and for our world.

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I'm so happy you're here to register for The Love Commitment: Expanding Love from Self to Others, a FREE, 7-day challenge to cultivate love withIN that sustains love and service in the world

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I know that if you want to shift society sustainably, you need to start with YOURself. And a foundational step in this journey is to LOVE YOURSELF MORE. 

I believe deeply that it's imperative to consciously shift our daily experience so that we can cultivate resilience and solidarity. For me, a key way of doing this is through actively cultivating love inside and out.

If you want more love around you, YOU are responsible for creating it. And you need to start withIN.

The Love Commitment is about generating and sharing LOVE from the INside out -- and I'm excited to share the love with YOU!


Join The Love Commitment community to connect to, practice, and leverage YOUR love as a sustaining and sustainable force in the world.

Love is already available withIN you; let's cultivate it together. 

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