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INpowerment Circle: Accelerate Your INner Power for Transformation

  • Are you super judgmental toward yourself? 
  • Do you often wonder if WHO you are or WHAT you’re doing is enough? Or worry that you are way too much somehow? 
  • Do you feel ruled by your mind and all the fearful, scary places it can go?
  • Are you disconnected from your heart and body in any way?
  • Are the possibilities you’re able to envision for yourself limited?
  • Do you sense that persistent stories, patterns and habits separate you from seeing and LIVING your INnate power and value?

If any of these feel familiar, then you’re not as powerful as you KNOW you can be. You’re not as powerful as you’re MEANT to be. And you’re definitely not as powerful as you’re NEEDED to be.

In this interactive and experiential event, you will:

  • Get clear on the main ways that you DISinpower yourself;
  • Learn exactly how you can shift into greater INpowerment in any aspect of your life;
  • Figure out tangible next steps to move forward;
  • Engage in a safe and sacred space with a community of like-hearted women; and
  • Receive a super powerful coaching experience that meets YOUR needs.

I KNOW that you are powerful and that the more fully you access, honor and claim this INner power, the more you will be INpowered to create the lifestyle, work, and relationships that you desire. Even more importantly, you will be INpowered to create, consciously, a daily experience of living that is clear, intentional and affirming.

Join me LIVE on Thursday, July 13 from 3-6 p.m. PST / 6-9 p.m. EST for a transformational event full of learning and practice at every level of your being. You will experience your INnate power and wisdom and move forward with clear and practical next steps to achieve your goals and experience a more INpowered way of living and being in the world.

Make an INpowered investment of $37 today! You definitely want to join us live, and if anything comes up, a recording will be available.

See you in circle, in safe and sacred community with like-hearted women, allowing yourself to receive support on YOUR INpowerment journey.